As our lives get busier and more complex, keeping track of all the details can be challenging. We utilize calendars, planners, and apps to try and keep track of it all, but some things just aren’t that easy to store in these types of products.

For the busy parent, keeping track of schedules and homework may reqire a calendar app, but how do you keep track of insurance policy numbers, vehicle VINs or maintenance records? A paper file cabinet may be the traditional method, but is that information really available to you when you need it?

For organizations, frequently used documents or policy and procedure manuals may be kept on the local file server, but who is in charge of organizing and maintaining these? Do you send workers or techs into the field? Is the information they need about each client location and specific need easily available to them? Have you considered proprietary solutions like Microsoft Sharepoint? Is there a better way?

Here at ChiRho Tech, we utilize a self-hosted wiki solution. We keep details of each client’s installations or services (not personal or billing information, of course) in our wiki. That way, when techs are on site, they can pull up the full specs of the systems they are dealing with. We have also set up wikis for busy families to keep track of addresses, phone numbers, insurance information and other family details. These pages are accessible from the internet via a computer or mobile device, secured by user accounts and passwords. Now, when mom is at the Dr.’s office, she can pull up little Susie’s insurance card number from the family knowledge base without needing to carry insurance cards for each family member.

Do you think a knowledge base might be beneficial to your family or organization? Give us a call! We offer wiki hosting at very competitive prices. We can also build or deploy a server for you and hand you the keys. You are in control. Reach out today!

Whatever your needs are, in your home, office, or small business; ChiRho Tech is ready to prepare a fast, budget-friendly solution. Give us a call. We Can Help!